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The Mt. Olive Baptist Church was organized about 1864 (one year after the Emancipation Proclamation) and named after the white Mt. Olive Baptist Church located just down the road. Services have been held since then on every 2nd Sunday. The very first pastor was Reverend Harris.

Our first church was built across the road, but was destroyed by a storm. The original church grounds would later be combined with land given to the church to become our present day cemetery.

There was a disagreement over where a new church should be built. A few members along with the pastor wanted to build a new church in town. These members organized what is today the White Plain Baptist Church. the majority, however, decided to rebuild a new church very near where it is today. Some 25 or more years later, it was destroyed by fire. During the pastorate of Reverend Sam Tarver, the Mt. Olive Baptist Church was rebuilt once again where it stands today.


The Mt. Olive Baptist Church has been under the leadership of several pastors. Their names are Reverend. West James, Reverend, J.E. Dozier, Reverend D.A. Penn, Reverend B.S.W. Stead, Reverend Wooden, Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. Reverend Biggins, Reverend D.T. George, Reverend Huell J. Jackson, Reverend Evans, Reverend Dr. C.J. Johnson, Reverend C.L. Walker, Jr., Reverend Hale, Reverend F. Blackmon, Reverend Jesse Bradshaw, Reverend G.M. Jones, and presently Reverend Robert Gabriel.


The first Deacons were Deacon Joe Eppinger, Deacon Sim Jordan, Deacon Hal Connally, Deacon Oliver Beckham, Deacon John Dickerson, Deacon Louis Tigger and Deacon Jacob Knight. The first Mothers of the church were Mother Bosha Tarver, Mother Mat Searcy, Mother Mollie Tiggler, and Mother Cathrum Hines.


Ordained Ministers of Mt. Olive Baptist Church are Reverend Sam Tarver, Reverend J.H. Connally, Reverend T.H. George, Reverend Strickland, Reverend Barry Alford, and Reverend Robert Ferguson, Reverend Thomas Willis Reverend J. Willis.

Over the past 35 years, the Mt. Olive Baptist Church has been able to grow significantly. Here are just a few of our accomplishments. Under Reverend Evans, the kitchen annex was constructed. Under Reverend Johnson, the front of the church was remodeled with an enlarged front porch, restrooms, water cooler, and new doors. Also, the main sanctuary was renovated with ceiling fans, new pews, an enlarged coir stand, a baptizing pool, communion table, a modernized pulpit with new chairs, and a PA system. Additionally under Reverend Johnson, the kitchen was renovated, office equipment was purchased, a well and water pump were installed, and our youth choir was organized. Then came Rev. Walker.  He provided us with a new roof and steeple, as well as our new piano. Under his leadership we were blessed with a fourth Sunday service, three young deacons, a hard-working cemetery committee, and a Sunbeam Choir.


In 1988 Reverend Walker introduced to us the Family and Friends Day which turned out to be very successful. We also secured more land for our cemetery as well as the deed outlining the exact boundaries of our cemetery. In 1989, Rev. Walker plans to renovate the rear of the church materialized. Additionally, restrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and dining space were added. Renovations were also made to the main sanctuary. The ceiling was lowered and air conditioning was installed. Also, the church grounds were cleared off to provide more parking spaces.


Mt. Olive has long been known for is warm and friendly fellowship- is old-fashioned down home spirit. Much has been done to improve this foundation; there is much room for continued progress. May God keep and strengthen our church and pastor so that we may continue with new ideas and much renewed success.

There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place, 

And I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord.

There’s a sweet expression on His Face,

And I know that it’s the presence of the Lord 

Sweet Holy Spirit; Sweet heavenly dove;

Stay right here with us,Filling us with your love.

And for these blessings, We lift our hears and say,

Without a doubt we know 

That we have been revived 

When we shall leave this place. 


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